Product care and warranty

All Harbo products are guaranteed for 3 years against manufacturing faults. To provide many years of serviceable use we recommend you follow our simple care instructions. Our extended warranty does not cover accidental damage or faults caused by improper use, cleaning or storage, nor can we guarantee product that has been used in a commercial situation.

All weather rattan

Harbo all weather rattan is made of polyethelene and each item is hand woven to give the appearance of natural rattan. This environmentally friendly and highly durable material gives the highest level of performance for outdoor furniture. The different colours and widths of the material are blended to give the weave its natural look and extra strength. The surface has enough flexibility to make it extremely comfortable whilst being able to withstand heavy use. It’s also highly colour fast, resistant to staining and fading and pretty much maintenance free. All weather rattan furniture is built around a strong but lightweight aluminium frame which is coated with a weather resistant polymer which makes it rust resistant.

Our rattan weave furniture can remain outside all year round, but we recommend that your furniture is covered with a suitable weather proof cover if left unused for extended periods. This helps to protect the surface from bird lime which can cause discoloration if not promptly cleaned away. Prolonged high levels of UV sunlight could cause slight fading which may be noticeable if part of the set is left in the sun whilst another part is always in the shade. For this reason we recommend you occasionally rotate or relocate your furniture.

Before covering your furniture, remove the fabric cushions, brush off any dust or debris and store them in a clean, dry well aired place.  Wash the furniture thoroughly with a mild detergent solution, rinse and allow to dry thoroughly. It’s a good idea to check the undersides and the feet for any lodged debris, fallen leaves etc. and make sure any the fixings are fully tightened.


Aluminium offers stability and robustness while also being lightweight and easy to move, making it ideal for outdoor furniture. Aluminium products are coated with a polymer-based, multi-layer powder coating for effective protection from the weather and rust protection.

All weather aluminium furniture is designed to withstand all the British climate throws at it, but we recommend that during the winter months your furniture is stored inside or covered with a suitable weather proof cover. This will prevent a build of dirt, algae and general grime. Before you store your furniture away for the winter, clean all the metal parts thoroughly with a mild detergent solution, rinse and allow to dry thoroughly.  Brush removable cushions to remove any dust or debris and store them in a clean, dry well aired place.

If your furniture has textiline (all weather fabric) seats or backs these can be hosed or washed with a mild soap or washing up liquid solution before rinsing and allowing to dry thoroughly.

When you take the furniture out in the Spring, check it carefully for any damage to the paint coating. Any chips can be gently sanded and touched up with a suitable matching metal paint. Check any bolts are tightened. A light coat of car wax applied with a lint free cloth to the metal parts of your furniture will help water to run off and keep it looking at its best, but make sure the wax is completely dry before replacing the fabric cushions.

Cushions & upholstery

All our upholstery and cushions are made from 100% polyester designed for outdoor use. They are water and fade resistant and have an easy-to-clean finish as well as generous and quick drying polyester filling. When not in use they should be covered with an appropriate outdoor furniture cover or removed and stored indoors. Cushions should always be removed and stored away during harsh weather extremes and over the winter months. Any spillages should be cleaned off immediately and persistent problems can be sponged with a mild detergent solution. Rinse and allow to dry thoroughly before us or storage.

Table Tops

Our furniture features a range of different table top materials and finishes depending on the collection.

Aluminium slat tables should be treated in exactly the same way as aluminium furniture. The multi-layer powder coating will make the table resistant to UV (sun) as well as stains and normal ambient changes in temperature. Generally, aluminium will also resist extremes of heat but we cannot guarantee the integrity of the finish if very hot cooking pans (i.e. direct from the oven or barbecue) are placed directly on the surface.

Tempered glass tables are stain and scratch resistant and they are tougher than ordinary glass. However, they are not designed to be handled roughly and should be treated with care. If heavy objects are dropped onto the surface, or if the table itself is dropped, the glass may shatter – this is part of the safety feature. Ordinary glass can crack and splinter resulting in dangerous shards of glass, whilst a tempered glass table will break into many tiny fragments.

Ceramic glass behaves much like tempered glass but has a coloured or patterned laminate layer beneath the protective surface. Our ceramic glass is heat tested to 80C and freeze tested to -40C and its stain and scratch resistant.

High Pressure Laminate (HPL) table tops are made of resin bonded layers and has similar properties to melamine. They are hard wearing, scratch and impact resistant.

Al Harbo outdoor table tops can be cleaned with any household cleaner but we recommend you avoid the use of highly abrasive scouring materials which could reduce the glossy finish.


Should you discover a manufacturing fault within 3 years of purchasing your new furniture, we guarantee to replace it. This does not affect your statutory rights.

Please contact us with details of the product, the fault(s) and your proof of purchase.


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